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Halgatteok Story

We make authentic Korean Grandma's tteokbokki with rice bar cake which is made of 100% rice.

Halgatteok was established in 2020 in Korea and now has over 150 stores.

Hagatteok is famous for Garaetteok tteokbokki. Garaetteok is a long, cylindrical Rice Bar Cake made with non-glutinous rice flour, and the taste is just like the old Korean grandma's tteokbokki with a super chewy texture.

Now we are expanding our business to the United States starting in K-town, Los Angeles, and showing the authentic taste of Korean tteokbokki. Besides the tteokbokki, we also offer a variety of traditional Korean side menu.

We will be constantly working toward tasty food and introduce more traditional Korean street food.


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